Sunday, 22 May 2011

Zhukov zonked out: on the square

While sorting the laundry, I left an unfolded flannel on the bed. I went away for a minute and came back, to find it occupied.

Zhukov zonked out: Curl

Michaelangelo's Creation of Cat

Hello, I'm Zhukov, pleased to meet you

Ayesha in a blanket

Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Cattermass Experiment

The addition of bubble-wrap can make anyone into a science-fiction monster!

Zhukov plays in the bubblewrap

The Houseguest

On the subject of rescuing animals from Ayesha and Zhukov, Alan managed to rescue a teenage starling from them on Friday night. As all the animal rescue places were closed, and as he seemed to have an injured wing, we kept him overnight in the bathroom with a small box to nest in, feeding him on catfood (as per advice found on starling fanciers' website). He didn't seem to have much problem with taking food from us, and indeed chirped for food every quarter hour or so during daylight hours. We took him in to the RSPCA for rescue and rehoming this morning; we're missing him already, but we really couldn't have given him the care he needs.

Visit from a Mouse

Sometimes Ayesha brings in a live animal from her hunting trips. And sometimes we succeed in saving it from her.