Saturday, 25 April 2009

More tree-borne antics

As you can see, Zhukov is quite the climber too. Oh, and don't worry, we got Ayesha back from the neighbours'.

Ayesha up the Elder Tree, Again

She's getting rather ambitious and acrobatic these days.

Forever Chasing Bubbles

The hilarious thing is that he's visibly trying to talk to the bubbles as he chases them. What he's trying to say to them, we have no idea.

Zhukov in the garden

Monday, 13 April 2009

Ayesha blending in

Perfectly camouflaged amongst the trees and ivy.

Ayesha up a tree

Ayesha out on the tiles

The shed roof, actually.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A bid for freedom

In which Ayesha attempts to go over the wall to the neighbours' garden, and doesn't get very far.

Pegged out

Musical interlude: Things Cats Eat

(to the tune of "Doe, a deer" from The Sound of Music)

Nom-- a fish, a great big fish
Nom-- a rabbit running by
Nom-- a bird I caught myself
Nom-- the birds they try to fly
Nom-- a feather on a string
Nom-- a mouse under the shed
Nom-- a shiny, shiny thing
Which will bring us back to nom, nom, nom, nom

Great snakes!

The snake is named "Apep." Those of you up on your Egyptian mythology will know why.

Ayesha in the garden

Ayesha, with stripes

Dreams of being a tiger...

Zhukov, washing