Friday, 25 September 2009

Watch out, Zhukov's about

In which Zhukov steals, plays with, carries and smacks the heck out of my watch, with occasional help from Ayesha. Filmed at Alan's parents' house.

Like a cat on a wire, II

Zhukov, on the other hand, was just fine with it after a few minutes of trying to figure out just what the heck the thing on his back was. It got so that, any time he saw the lead, he'd ask to go out.

Like a cat on a wire

We can't let the cats outside when we're visiting Alan's parents due to the proximity of a busy road, something about which they complain bitterly. On the last visit, we decided to try a compromise and let them out on a cat lead. As the video indicates, it was a bit of a mixed result.

About two minutes after the camera was switched off, Ayesha got free from the lead and sprang into the neighbours' hedge (only emerging after much bribery). She's been permabanned from the garden as a result.

Picking them up at the cattery

We went on holiday earlier this month, and left the cats in a local cattery. They were glad to see us when we got back.

Zhukov, zonked out VII: Arabesque

Friday, 4 September 2009

Ayesha Leaps

Slave! Peel me a grape!

We put up a new shed, and Zhukov used the foundations to audition for "I Claudius".

Above the Rooftops of London

Actually, only perching on the back fencepost, but still nicely dramatic

Zhukov, zonked out VI: Now with 80% less dignity!

Zhukov among the Chard, II

Showing us his "adorable" face