Thursday, 20 August 2009

Cats playing with a swan feather

Beware Catzilla!

Zhukov helps with the DIY

Alan is DIYing the office, and Zhukov thought he'd like to get involved.

Public Service Announcement: adopt kittens!

We interrupt the usual stream of cute cat videos and photos to say that if you want to adopt a kitten, and you live in the Southeast of England, now might be a good time, as Battersea Cats Home are facing a kitten emergency. As mentioned in the sidebar, they have a shelter near us, and also we can't stress the benefits and pleasures of adopting rescue kittens enough, so please, do a cat a favour.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Feeding the squirrels

Fuzzy-headed little punk

Ayesha plays in a duvet cover

I was hanging up the laundry to dry, when discovered that I couldn't hoist it up because the duvet cover had a passenger...

Ayesha on the door

Taken at Alan's parents' house.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Ayesha among the purple sprouting broccoli

Zhukov among the Swiss Chard

Inverted Zhukov

He actually quite likes being held this way, he just doesn't like being photographed by rude paparazzi when doing so.

Ayesha hunts a cabbage white

Don't click if you're not OK with the fact that cats will hunt anything that moves. I have mixed feelings about their newly-displayed hunting prowess (insects only so far), but I have to admit she's pretty good at it. The only problem is that where Zhukov eats his prey outside, Ayesha always brings hers in, meaning I suppose we'll be getting little "gifts" of mice in the dining room once she's bigger.

Wasn't sure whether to post this one...

...because it's not as nice as the last one. Posted anyway because the look on Ayesha's face is pretty amazing.

Join us... join us...

Zhukov on the shed roof

He's figured out how to get up there.