Sunday, 23 January 2011

Ayesha sticks her head out

Zhukov zonked out: halfway out of the pink house

Home visit

Zhukov in the pink house

...although Zhukov likes to sit in it sometimes too.

Ayesha's little pink house

Another Christmas present-- a little plush pink Nissen hut for Ayesha to lurk in.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Too close

In which Zhukov invades Ayesha's personal space.

Zhukov and the Pink Mouse

On another business trip (this one to Lisbon) I bought Ayesha a little pink fur mouse. Before long Zhukov had got it away from her and was savaging it. Eventually I had to hide it in the kitchen cupboard.

Retrieving the Cats, part II

Retrieving the Cats, part I

Sorry to be so long in updating this month! Anyway, in honour of the cats' second anniversary with us next week, here is some footage of us picking them up at the cattery after our Christmas holiday. The cattery ladies said they were very well behaved-- even Ayesha.