Sunday, 22 November 2009

Friday, 13 November 2009

Happy birthday Ayesha and Zhukov!

In honour of Ayesha and Zhukov's official first birthday today (we made them a special birthday tea of poached haddock), here is some more footage from the time we adopted them-- I couldn't upload it initially as it was too large, but I've finally got around to editing/compressing it down. It's hard to believe how small they were!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Calling the Cats In

Getting the cats back into the house, with the aid of a Webbox treat!

(Thwarted) Cat Fight

Ayesha defends her territory against a marauding neighbour cat (this is how you get injuries, Ayesha!) until Alan intervenes.

Regarding the roaring noise on the soundtrack: the fact that we live pretty close to Heathrow isn't normally much of a problem, but on cloudy days (like this one) sometimes the planes fly low, which interests Zhukov (he thinks they're really big birds).

More of Zhukov on a Lead

Brief clip of Zhukov exploring.

Ayesha the Warrior Princess

Ayesha's territorial incursions against the other neighbourhood cats came a bit of a cropper yesterday when she came back from a cat-fight with a large chunk of fur missing and a nasty bite-mark. One trip to the vet's later, she's on antibiotics and having her wound swabbed out with dilute salt water twice a day. Not that this has slowed her down in the slightest-- she's not only back out in the yard again, but we heard the sounds of no less than three cat fights between letting her out in the morning and now (9:55 GMT). You'd think she'd learn...

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Random surprising things

Two strange things we found out, totally by chance, this week:

1) Zhukov hates punk. Although he's normally indifferent to mildly interested when music is played, when we watched a film of a Sex Pistols concert on Sky Arts, Zhukov spent several minutes looking at us with a shocked and pained expression (as if saying "you guys don't really like this stuff, do you?"), flattening his ears, and eventually slinking up to the bedroom where he spent the evening being standoffish to us until he decided we'd been punished enough for our poor taste.

2) Ayesha likes pink. She's been inseparable from Cartoonhead, her pink toy mouse, since we bought it for her. Unfortunately he's now approaching his last legs, and so we've been trying to find an acceptable replacement. All toys of the same approximate size, texture and shape she ignores; however, when I brought home a little pink stuffed cat (now christened "Pinky"), she pounced on it and has been carrying it around ever since.